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The winners of this year's Waterloo Festival Writing Competition are:

Allison Symes (The Professional)

Amelia Brown (Heat)

Beverly Byrne (Old Masters)

Christopher Bowles (The Side of Blue)

Gail Aldwin (Take Your Place)

Hannah Retallick (The Word Has It)

Helen Price (Havens)

Irene Lofthouse (Cat and Mouse)

J S Brown (Disarray)

Jeanne Davies (Everything has changed)

Jessica Joy (Russian Doll)

Laure Van Rensburg (Of Salt and the Raw Flesh of Fish)

Linda Flynn (Climbing Rainbows)

Louise Rimmer (The Undermen)

Madeleine McDonald (They Lied to Me)

Michael Baez (Time Will Tell)

Paula R C Readman (Over The Wall)

Sinéad Kennedy Krebs (Steam)

Yvonne Walus (The Father Daughter Club)

Join the winnersBridge House Publishing and the people at the Waterloo Festival in celebrating the competition winners on Saturday, 8th June 2019 at St. John's Waterloo, at 2pm. There will be an opportunity to listen to extracts from the winner's pieces as well as to meet the teams behind the competition. An Open-Mic is also being hosted at the event - we want to hear words and stories which you want to share with us and our audiences! More information can be found here.

Bridge House Publishing invites you as well to join a workshop on writing and the world of publishing on Saturday, 8th June 2019 hosted at St. John's Waterloo at 10:30am. More information can be found here.


The Waterloo Festival is an annual summer festival of arts and inspiration, held in and around St John's Waterloo. It celebrates arts, music, ideas and new talent in a beautiful setting in the beating artistic heart of London.


St John's Waterloo

Waterloo Road

London SE1 8TY

Contact us at: festival@stjohnswaterloo.org

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