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  • Okusinza mu Luganda #10: “We are all disciples”

    Coming up on Wednesday: Shanon Shah reflects on what he has learnt from conducting these interviews for Okusinza mu Luganda and the Waterloo Festival.

  • Reloading the canon: what about music by women?

    As a proud alumnus of Southbank Sinfonia, the Waterloo Festival’s resident orchestra, I like to keep abreast of their work – they’re always refreshingly ahead of the classical music curve.

  • Conversations on press freedom #2: Shanon Shah

    He’s been back nearly every Sunday since and is now a full-time resident of Waterloo and in a civil partnership with Canon Giles. When I first came up with the idea of featuring a set of articles about press freedom as part of this year’s special online edition of Waterloo Festival, I immediately thought of Shanon.

  • Conversations on press freedom #1: an introduction

    Two and a half years ago, in the afternoon of 16ᵗʰ October 2017, I was working in my office at St John’s Waterloo.

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