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    • Okusinza mu Luganda #10: “We are all disciples”

      Could you describe to me the first time you attended an Okusinza service? Some of them I knew because of my uncles and aunties, whom you never find anywhere else except in Okusinza. Shanon: What are your favourite things about Okusinza? And they’re good, nice people, in Okusinza. What are your hopes for Okusinza mu Luganda?

    • Okusinza mu Luganda #5: music to move the soul

      Michaiah has also premiered his own settings and compositions at services for both St John’s and Okusinza mu Luganda (Worship in Luganda). We hope you enjoy this continuing series of interviews as part of the Waterloo Festival’s curtain-raising for Okusinza mu Luganda’s upcoming celebrations of its 30th anniversary. Michaiah and his wife Joyce (picture courtesy of Stephen Kafeero) SS: What brought you to Okusinza? Okusinza choir in action with conductor Samuel Kimuli SS: What are your hopes for Okusinza? Next – Sara Kwagala relates her experiences with youth worship and Sunday school at Okusinza.

    • Okusinza mu Luganda #11: Lessons on faith, fellowship and inclusion

      More importantly, I wanted to experience Martyr’s Day for myself, Okusinza style. My contribution to Okusinza’s 30th anniversary celebrations – and Okusinza has much more in store, so do stay tuned – is probably also my personal “Found in St John’s Waterloo” project. What I’ve learnt from Okusinza mu Luganda is that this story can and should be flipped, too. It’s never been a case of simply adding Okusinza to the St John’s pot and stirring. I hope this is only the start of how we reciprocate and support Okusinza as they move forward and flourish.

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