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What we miss about Waterloo

It's the first day of May, International Worker's Day. Starting today, we are asking people who would usually be commuting to Waterloo almost every day for work what they miss most about our local area. To kick off this series, we got in touch with Sarah Witt, Sales and Events Co-ordinator at Coin Street Community Builders.

Sarah Witt

As we all continue to do our best to get through the lockdown, whether it’s baking bread (and desperately searching for flour…), zooming friends and reaching out to those in need, or staying in bed all day watching Netflix, the mind starts to think about what our lives used to be, and when will it come back! Experiencing Waterloo was part of my everyday commute, via the Station, on my way to Stamford Street. Though I never thought I would miss it, I now think fondly about the delicious food stalls on Lower Marsh, grabbing my oat flat white from the Beany coffee stand, and even the triumphant feeling of getting a seat on a packed South West Train! I asked some colleagues from Coin Street Community Builders, a social enterprise based in Waterloo, on what they miss most. Here’s what they had to say…

Cassie Stubbs

Cassie Stubbs

Where do you live? Tooting, South London

Your usual commute: The wonderful Northern Line (and I’m not even being sarcastic…)

What do you miss about coming to Waterloo everyday? I miss the wide variation of places to eat and drink; from popular restaurants along the south bank, independent brands along Southwark Street, food market stalls large or small, and eclectic cafes on lower marsh, we are simply spoilt for choice!

Anna Glarin

Anna Glarin

Where do you live? Lambeth Walk Your usual commute: My usual commute to the Coin Street office is a short walk up Carlisle Lane and through Lower Marsh. What do you miss about coming to Waterloo everyday? Even though I live in Waterloo, what I miss the most from the short walk into work each day is the stroll through Lower Marsh. It’s a quirky street with lots of familiar faces, and I always bump into someone I know. I’m an early-bird and love walking through Waterloo as the ‘village’ is coming to life with all food market stall-holders setting up for the day and people getting their coffees and rushing to work and school. It’s got such a nice vibe and it makes me feel right at home. Coming through Lower Marsh and catching the beginning and end of each day, the build-up and the wind-down, bookends my day so perfectly and I really miss that routine.

Geena Patel

Where you live? Waterloo, although I usually live here, I miss the vibrancy and life along the Southbank. Your usual commute: A five minute walk to work. What you miss about coming to Waterloo every day? The things I miss about Waterloo and work are the people! All my work colleagues and the fun things we get to do. I miss the atmosphere and life as the South Bank now feels empty. I also miss going to the Tate, the London Eye, Oxo Tower Wharf and Bargehouse for art events.

So there you have it, there are lots of things to see, taste, and enjoy in Waterloo. We hope everyone continues to stay safe and we can’t wait to see Waterloo bursting with life, laughs and entertainment once again in the future!

OXO tower, lit up blue in support of the NHS (photo: Tate Tuckett)

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