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Waterloo Lives

from The Museum of Things That Dont's Stand Still

To finish off Waterloo Festival 2020, we're exhibiting a project by postgraduate students at the University of Westminster. 'Waterloo Lives' features collected memories from Waterloo and North Lambeth residents.

Devised over the course of Spring 2019 by students following an MA in Museums, Galleries and Contemporary Culture and in collaboration with St John's Waterloo, this project was first exhibited at the Tate Exchange as part of 'The Museum of Things That Don't Stand Still'. It presents voices from the local community as they tell stories of the area's past and reveal memories that people have of local lives and share memories.

The original interactive installation was built around a map laid down on the floor, encouraging people to step in and trace the streets of Waterloo. Visitors were asked to make postcards, sharing their own stories and memories.

The project was put together by Madison Hill, Gaia Rescigno and Chelsea Rounsley under the supervision of Dr Peter Ride.

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