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University of Westminster + Coin Street Over 50s Art Group: RESPAIR WATERLOO

In June and July 2021, work created by members of the Coin Street Over 50s Art Group was displayed at St John’s. The pieces responded to Waterloo Festival’s theme of ‘Respair’.

In sessions facilitated by students from the University of Westminster the artists discussed their experiences of the Pandemic and hopes for the future. Artworks touched on the importance of community and the dangers of social isolation. The exhibition was a strong message to the residents of Waterloo at a time of uncertainty surrounding the lifting of lockdown restrictions.

With the exhibition to provide inspiration, local residents were invited to respond to a number of prompts concerning the themes explored in the artworks. Students then created posters out of these to add to the expanded exhibition on the Church railings.

The students would like to say a special thank you to Euchar, Anna and Ellie.


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