Our creative partners #1: Flux Soup

Waterloo Festival thrives on creative partnerships, on bringing artists and musicians to collaborate with and showcase their wonderful work to our communities in Waterloo, Lambeth and - thanks to the marvels of the internet - elsewhere. In this series, we meet some of our creative partners for 2020. First up is Flux Soup.

Flux Soup is a Waterloo based art collective founded in 2010 by Abigail Tripp, Kevin Poulton and Stuart Fisher. They collaborate with fellow artists, film-makers, musicians and poets to showcase unique work in unusual venues. They have curated shows at Block 336, the Cinema Museum, the Horse Hospital, IKLECTIK and last year created Frank's Trophies for The Creative Takeover at the Bargehouse, an immersive audio-visual installation with live performances and film screenings.

Waterloo Station might be the busiest terminus in the UK with 100 million visits per year, however, to 10,000 people, Waterloo is home. Over the course of Waterloo Festival, Flux Soup will be presenting Waterloo at home; a sensory journey through a Waterloo micro World. How will they do this?

"We're inviting everyone to explore unusual Waterloo with audio walks including poems and stories about the area. Enter What’s your Waterloo? send photos, collages, drawings and paintings showing what your Waterloo is. Listen to Two Men in a Box, a new tragicomedy, are they really in a box? Join our Cocktail Club, design a cocktail recipe and celebrate with Flux Soup Disco in our ‘virtual’ Cocktail lounge."

You can follow Flux Soup on social media: facebook | instagram (a) | instagram (b) | youtube | bandcamp

A Resonance FM Clear Spot by Flux Soup

Resonance FM provides Clear Spots for people to broadcast for the first time or experiment with a new show. The station offered Flux Soup the 8pm to 9pm Clear Spot on 30th April 2020. You can have a listen to their programme below and learn more about this exciting collective.

Flux Soup arts collective, Abigail Tripp, Kevin Poulton and Stuart Fisher filled their Clear Spot with unique music, film score extracts and soundscapes from Bird Radio, pig7 and Genghis Attenborough; plus a stunning performance of ‘Bushes and Briars’ by Jess Cahill and Pete Marsh, captured 'live' at a Flux Soup event at Iklectik. The show finishes with Bones and The Aft ‘One Shoe Mickey’.

Track Listing

1 Jess Cahill & Pete Marsh - Bushes & Briars

2 Genghis Attenborough - Uplands from Wildlife on Fire

3 Genghis Attenborough - Ukrainian Field Recording

4 Bird Radio & pig7 - Crow and the Sea from Crow

5 pig7 - Kaleidoscope from One Winter Night

6 bonesandtheaft - One Shoe Mickey from Mickey

Resonance FM is a groundbreaking 24/7 radio station which broadcasts on 104.4 FM to central London, DAB to Greater London, nationally on Radioplayer and live streamed to the rest of the world.

Realised by a dedicated community of volunteer engineers and programme-makers, Resonance offers over 105 creative broadcast series every week featuring local and international artists, makers and experts. Resonance seeks to discover, encourage and support a diverse range of artistic voices through radio - from first-timers to seasoned broadcasters.

Kindly supported by the generous donations of our listeners and by key partners including Arts Council England and The Wire, we collaborate widely with visionary individuals and organisations including Mixcloud, Radiophrenia, and Radia. Resonance is a project of London Musicians' Collective Limited, registered charity 290236.