On this day... (28th June) Happy Pride!

On the 28th of June 1969 the revolutionary Stonewall Riots kicked off in Manhattan, launching 50 years of hard-fought progress for the LGBT+ community. We hear from Jhonny Salas Alexander of Coin Street Community Builders.

Every year in June, Pride Month is marked with parades, events and demonstrations across the country.

Pride commemorates the Stonewall riots, which began in the early hours of June 28, 1969, after police raided the Stonewall Inn bar in New York City’s Greenwich Village. The uprising lasted six days of protests and violent demonstrations (good old gays - we not only know how to party but to put up a good fight for our rights).

Marsha P. Johnson, a gay liberation activist and self-identified drag queen was at the centre of the riots. Trans-women have been a core part of the wider LGBT+ movement from the beginning. The movement that was the foundation of what we call Pride today was led by a diverse group of people where trans-women were a driving force – I do raise a glass every year in celebration to Marsha and many others who fought for the cause.

Stonewall Inn (1969) | Marsha P Johnson (Photo: Netflix)

This year, the 2020 edition is unlike one we’ve ever experience before. Hundreds of Pride festivals around the world have been cancelled, postponed or taken online as a result of the lockdown. Sadly, after careful consideration, the organisers of Pride of London have announced the annual Parade and associated events will be postponed until next year, with the intention it takes place in the summer of 2021. Organisers will however continue with a number of plans for 2020, including continued lobbying of government decision-makers on issues that impact our LGBT+ communities and supporting other digital events that can be found here: prideinlondon.org/events/

Love, Jhonny


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Get ready for Pride Inside! Pride Inside is an online series of gigs, comedy shows, panel discussions, and artsbased events, between 28 June and 5 July, with support from Amnesty International, UK Black Pride, Stonewall and ParaPride.