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Meet the winners of our writing competition #1

For the third time running, Waterloo Festival, in collaboration with Bridge House Publishing, organised a writing competition over the winter along the theme of Transforming Communities. Writers were invited to interpret freely the theme in a 1000-word story. We announced the winners a few weeks ago.

As part of the celebrations, we'll be launching the digital anthology later in June. You can meet the editors and the winners in an online event on Friday, 12th June at 6:30pm. More details to come. Until then, meet some of the winners here! We invited them to send us a video or text introducing themselves and their work, as well as a book recommendation.

We received next from Jeanne Davies.

Jeanne Davies

"My name is Jeanne Davies and I live in West Sussex with my husband, Malcolm, and our five-month-old Chocolate Labrador puppy, Lottie. We have five children, four daughters and a son, and have recently moved to be closer to the sea."

"I love writing short stories, flash fiction and a smattering of poetry, finding most of my inspiration in the beauty and delight of nature and the Sussex countryside. I have been encouraged over recent years by seeing my work in print in various anthologies and am looking forward to having a single author anthology “Drawn by the Sea” published later in the year."

"Utopian Dream was inspired by my second daughter who is a Vegan."

“The heart-wrenching sound of cows as calves were taken still haunted her dreams. Melanie would gaze at fluffy white lambs bouncing in fields, innocently asking her mother why farmers couldn’t buy their meat at Sainsburys like they did.”

"I would recommend The Art of Racing in the Rain by Gareth Stein. A beautiful story written from a dog’s point of view … but be prepared to cry!"

Bridge House Publishing

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