Lockdown art #6: Silvia Ankerson

With Coin Street Community Builders' Over 50s Art Group, we were planning a very ambitious art-installation in the Churchyard of St John's. The severity of this pandemic encouraged us to change our approach. Through this series, we present the artists involved and their work. Up next is Silvia Ankerson.

I studied history at university, but art has always been my passion. History has helped me very much to appreciate the value, interest and beauty of places. Because of it I think London is a great city and Waterloo a place full of discoveries.

I made my way to Waterloo looking for art and I found the Waterloo Action Centre, and through it also Coin Street neighbourhood centre. I have been very happy there, learning new ways of expressing my art. I love the modern building. The help of everybody there has been of great value to me.

I am making progress in the sort of art in which I am interested and in which I can express my feelings through colour, forms and messages. And learning from other artists is also a great help.



Ink and pencil on paper

This is about not being there among lots of people as we are used to; coming and going, meeting friends, having a coffee. I thought of making it with colours, to be positive, but I like it as it is.

Friendship in the Working

Ink and watercolour on paper