Lockdown Art #4: Carlos Camacho

With Coin Street Community Builders' Over 50s Art Group, we were planning a very ambitious art-installation in the Churchyard of St John's. The severity of this pandemic encouraged us to change our approach. Through this series, we present the artists involved and their work. We meet next Carlos Camacho.

I was born in Colombia and the art techniques I tend to use are collage, colour pencil, highlighter, pen and ink. My interest in art has been passive; I love to visit museums and read about famous artist and read prose and poetry, but once I retired, I wanted to spend my free time doing something valuable. That’s when I got involved with the many activities that Coin Street offer to the community and decided to join Gentle Gardening and the Art Group.


Prisoner of Corona… Beer

Collage of paper cuttings on canvas, colour pencil, highlighter and ink