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Lockdown Art #2: Katerina Jugati

With Coin Street Community Builders' Over 50s Art Group, we were planning a very ambitious art-installation in the Churchyard of St John's. The severity of this pandemic encouraged us to change our approach. Through this series, we present the artists involved and their work. First up is Katerina Jugati.

My art interests are life drawing, portraiture, painting, needlework and costume design.

I first joined Coin Street art group several years ago when I was recovering from a serious illness and couldn't work for a while. It gave me focus and new people to interact with and gave me the opportunity to reengage with art, which I'd studied in my youth and subsequently left alone because of a change of interest career wise. I absolutely love the sessions and I do so much more art nowadays, making up for lost time methinks.


The Rat’s Progress

Ink and wash on paper

In London the Rat is ubiquitous and it was partly for this reason (the other being Banksy) that when working on a project about my local area I was inspired to use this creature as a vessel for looking at Waterloo from an amusing and different point of view, .ie. from the pavement. I wanted to touch on various aspects of this amazing place, including homelessness which is also ubiquitous.


Oil on canvas

Title is an anagram of Coronavirus and piece is created during and as a response to the lockdown.


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