Into The Light

Location: St John's Crypt

St John’s Waterloo

Waterloo Road

London SE1 8TY

Exhibition open: Mon 17 May - Sun 6 June

Times: Daily 10am-4pm | Sun, 10am-12 midday

Frankie McAllister

As part of Waterloo Festival 2021 Morley College students, tutors and alumni come together to present a spectacle of art works in the underground space of The Crypt at St. Johns Church, Waterloo.

Responding to the Festival’s theme of ‘Respair’: the return of hope after a period of despair, each artist has made work that reflects personal and wider cultural responses to the events of the past year. Work on show includes projection, film and photography, animation, light installation and digital media.

Aria Sen

The current social ‘Zeitgeist’ would seem to suggest a feeling of optimism for the future. The show’s title ‘Into the Light’ reflects this mood, but also speaks to a period of tentative transition; from a difficult time of uncertainty towards new possibilities. So, come and join us in a dark underground space, illuminated by diverse artwork that suggests a new way forward: ‘Into The Light’.


Alberto Ajelli

Aria Sen

Bianca Barb Ghenci

Deborah Elizabeth Cuthbertson

Eno Nteyoho

Frankie McAllister

Grace Elizabeth Eleanora Poulsen

Jacob Tellinghusen

Joshua Amartey

Lydia Evans

Mya Danns

Pamela Denise Giannini

Philippe Close

Seiya Alma Caro-Langdon

Steve Mepsted

Susan Vandi

Vicky Robb

Vivianne Valeria Nilarp

Steve Mepsted



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