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Illuminated River #4: Google Satellite views and Lanyon

Coin Street have been funded by Illuminated River Foundation’s Community Fund to develop and deliver art workshops for young people aged 9+ for the local community. At Waterloo Festival, we are thrilled to be offering a weekly platform from which to showcase and share the work more widely!

Eleanor Watson wrote to us about last week's session: "Today's art class went further along the river of art history to full abstraction (cheesy but true). We looked at Peter Lanyon's painting Coast and used Google Satellite view and photos from the air to create layered abstract paintings. Exploring with different washes and marks in acrylic paint."

The young people on board this project are:

  • Aisha, 12

  • Hanan,13

  • Hannah, 15

  • Hector, 12

  • Henry, 12

  • Iman, 13

  • Jaemii-Lee, 10

  • Jeylan, 12

  • Miriam, 12

  • Mona, 10

  • Rahshae, 11

  • Samuel, 12

  • Samuela, 10

  • Sue Kiera, 12

You can also follow Coin Street’s Youth and Community Team’s Art and Wellbeing Instagram account on @artatcoinstreet for updates on all things art-related in the Coin Street community.


Illuminated River artwork Audio Descriptions produced by VocalEyes

It is important that Illuminated River reaches diverse audiences, which is made possible when partnering with great local community organisations such as Coin Street to engage young people with Illuminated River through art workshops. We are also delighted to be working with the inspiring Waterloo Festival to showcase and bring the young people’s art to everyone online. We have also collaborated with VocalEyes to produce audio descriptions of the Illuminated River artworks making it accessible to blind and partially sighted people. These can be experienced by everyone online (click here). There is an introductory track, plus a track each for Millennium, Southwark, Cannon Street and London Bridges, including extracts of newly composed music by students at Guildhall School of Music & Drama. You can read more about the process of producing these audio descriptions on the Illuminated River website.

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