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Illuminated River #2: Van Gogh and Anderson

Coin Street have been funded by Illuminated River Foundation’s Community Fund to develop and deliver art workshops for young people aged 9+ for the local community. At Waterloo Festival, we are thrilled to be offering a weekly platform from which to showcase and share the work more widely!

Vincent Van Gogh (1853 - 1890)

Eleanor Watson wrote to us about last week's session: "We were exploring colourful and expressive mark-making in Post Impressionism. Looking primarily at Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh as well as the contemporary British painter Hurvin Anderson for his use of expressive colour and his painting Lower Lake."

Starry Night (Vincent Van Gogh) (1889)

"We started by developing a vocabulary of marks - ziz-zags, dashes, curves, swirls, waves and crosshatching and applied them in our drawings of the bridge, working from the Illuminated River imagery and celebrating the luminous colour of the lights."

The young people on board this project are:

  • Jeylan, 12

  • Aisha,12

  • Iman,13

  • Rahshae, 11

  • Hector, 12

  • Henry, 12

  • Hanan, 13

  • Miilee, 10

  • Sue Kiera, 12

  • Samuel, 12

  • Annie, 10

  • Miriam, 12

You can also follow Coin Street’s Youth and Community Team’s Art and Wellbeing Instagram account on @artatcoinstreet for updates on all things art-related in the Coin Street community.


Experience Illuminated River with Google Arts & Culture

For those unable to enjoy Illuminated River in situ at the moment, the first four Illuminated River bridges; London Bridge, Cannon Street Bridge, Southwark Bridge and Millennium Bridge can still be experienced via our incredible Google Arts & Culture exhibit. Illuminated River is the first night time public arts project to feature on Google Arts & Culture and there’s lots to explore; including the history of the bridges and video interviews with artist Leo Villareal. There is also a fascinating Illuminated River in 360 exhibit that uses 360 photography to capture the artwork to provide an immersive online experience - click here!

Once you've finished exploring Google Arts & Culture, find out how it was created from our team whom captured these mesmerising images by reading our blog post on the Illuminated River website. Click here!

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