Hart Club and 'Respair'

Hart Club designed the ‘Respair’ logo for the Waterloo Festival site. This word, ‘respair’, seems very appropriate for our current moment – after a year of tragedy and adversity for so many people, touch wood, we are finally re-emerging from our foxholes.

It has not been all bad – important issues like mental health, chronic illness and disability, that were previously invisible or unheard have been brought out into the light and talked about more. We are aware of the challenges faced by younger and older people when their connection to the world is broken, and can hopefully treat

For those with significant health issues and disabilities, social isolation and barriers to accessing the world and more specifically our wonderful city have always been problems.

Perhaps over the last year a broader group of us have begun to understand a little better how difficult that must be.

We responded the theme by making ‘respair’ physical – the word is represented here as a crumbling wall, the ruin of something. From the cracks in the brickwork emerge new life, drawings by the team here at Hart Club and some of the artists we work with here, including David Manley and students Amber & Seraphina from local organisation Roots & Shoots.

We love to see life returning to our neighbourhood, and can’t wait to see you all again.

Hart Club is a community interest company, gallery and workshop championing neurodiversity in the arts. We’re currently fundraising for an education project Hart School. Our new website and online store launches June 7th.

James Randell