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World Environment Day #2: 'bangs, ghosts and mutterings'

In the run-up to and around the 5th of June, World Environment Day, we'll be exploring our urban environment, the climate change crisis and more over a series of features.

Next, is a music track created in Spring of last year through a wonderful collaboration between local organisations and young people, as part of Waterloo Festival 2019.

'bangs, ghosts and mutterings' was produced by Kate Carr. It is made out of recordings by local children from a workshop which took place around Waterloo and Southbank area in May 2019. Young people were taken on a walking tour of their local surroundings and invited to record sounds, from buskers and trains to their own commentaries, encouraging them to observe more their local environment through sound.

This work came out of a collaboration between Waterloo Festival, IKLECTIK and Coin Street Community Builders. It was generously supported by Southbank Place.


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