Artists in Waterloo #8: Paul Steptoe Riley

Throughout Waterloo Festival 2020, we've been platforming artists who either live in or are connected to Waterloo. The penultimate artist of this series, street-photographer and musician Paul Steptoe Riley.


Flux Soup are delighted to feature Paul’s work as part of the Waterloo Festival. Whilst asking our neighbours for pictures for #What is Your Waterloo, we discovered Paul’s online archive so decided he deserved a page of his own. He is a hugely talented artist who deserves wider recognition.

Paul is a street photographer, musician and singer-song-writer who lives and works in Waterloo and has performed at Flux Soup gigs. He records under the name of Nerven Gerausch, is one half of the Dub Twins and has his own record label Dagda One. His black and white photography features many shots of Waterloo, Soho and central London, capturing quirky scenes and the occasional celebrity.

You can access his work here: