A quick call from #3: Jaemii-Lee

Through this series, we explore creative reactions to the recent events in the US and the UK and the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Introducing Jaemii-Lee, a 10-year-old artist who wants to make a difference.

During the Black Lives Matter (BLM) conversations occurring all over the UK, one young SE1 artist, Jaemii-Lee, age 10, decided to illustrate this important message. Her artwork impressed staff at Coin Street so much, they decided to feature it for a week on the digital billboard on Waterloo Bridge!

On hearing that her artistic talents were going to be displayed in such a central London location, the whole family were excited to visit the billboard. Mum said “Jaemii-Lee felt inspired with the BLM movement and wanted to express the beauty she's experienced but also deliver a powerful message. After learning of the George Floyd tragedy, it became apparent to me that education is key in our children's lives. Children are our future, we may not be able to abolish racism overnight but a ripple in the water will set trends." Jaemii-Lee often creates art as a regular Coin Street Youth member and most recently participated in last month’s Illuminated Rivers project.