3. picture from 1896

The following map covers the route around SE1 as discussed in the Festivalcast episode as available on Morley Radio. Information compiled by Elaine Andrews.

1. Royal Waterloo Hospital for Children and Women

2. King George Military Hospital

3. The Royal South London Dispensary

4. The Churchill Clinic

5. Bethlem Royal Hospital

(knowns as Bedlam, now the

Imperial War Museum) 

6. All Saints Hospital

Other lost hospitals in the area:

General Lying-in Hospital (maternity),

York Road

Hospital for Diseases of the Skin,

71 Blackfriars Road

Lambeth Hospital (former workhouse), Brook Drive

Institute of Optometry, 52-56 Newington Causeway

Psychiatric Day Hospital

(for children and their families),

35 Black Prince Road

The Royal Eye Hospital,

St. George's Circus

1. picture by Stephen Richards

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