black lives matter

Wondering how to respond? Donate to this crowdfunder for the family of Emanuel Gomes who died of suspected COVID-19 whilst cleaning the Ministry of Justice.


Or this one to help establish Exist Loudly, an organisation for queer black young people in the UK. There’s also Runnymede Trust, an independent race equality thinktank, INQUEST, the only charity providing expertise on state related deaths, and The Black Curriculum, who are re-imagining the future of education through Black British history.


Or get YouTube to donate to Black Lives Matter for you by playing this video in its entirety. Turn off your adblocker and refrain from skipping any of the ads: it’s these that generate the funds.

Check out this list of UK-based black-led racial justice organisations. Here's another great list of resources and information, including a to-do list for those of us in the UK (it doesn't take long to do!) And here's a list of Film organisations and their stance on Black Lives Matter. 

Looking to learn more to help dismantle institutional racism and white supremacy? Explore the Museum of Colour and dig through the June Givanni Pan African Cinema Archive. Finally, there's plenty of reading to be done here, here and here!

More resources below. This page will be continually updated over the coming days and weeks. If you have anything to share or comment, get in touch with us at

Image by Vince Fleming