Sponsor the Waterloo Festival

Becoming a sponsor of Waterloo Festival is an exciting and rewarding way to support up-and-coming musicians, artists and community events in and around the fast-changing area of London's Waterloo.

This is a fresh and fast-growing festival. Sponsoring it now means being part of something that is growing, in a community that represents all the best that London has to offer.

Waterloo Festival 2018 featured:

  • Three Art exhibitions

  • 12 music concerts

  • Three panel discussions

  • Living-Lab Air-Quality Day

  • Festival sleep-out

  • Street theatre

  • Word-Weekend

  • Writing competition

  • Theatre & literature workshops

We distribute 8,000 print brochures around the parish of Lambeth, and are active on social media, with digital mailing campaigns to 1200+ regular festival attendees.

To find out how you or your company can sponsor or get involved in Waterloo Festival, email festival@stjohnswaterloo.org

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The Waterloo Festival is an annual summer festival of arts and inspiration, held in and around St John's Waterloo. It celebrates arts, music, ideas and new talent in a beautiful setting in the beating artistic heart of London.


St John's Waterloo

Waterloo Road

London SE1 8TY

Contact us at: festival@stjohnswaterloo.org

or through CONTACT page

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