About the 2018 Festival

What a wonderful Waterloo Festival!


As the newly-appointed artistic director of the Festival, I’m thrilled to share with you the exciting programme that took place in June 2018. This year our theme was ‘Transforming Minds’.


We wanted to celebrate the past and its characters as they transformed their communities. Our collaboration with Coin Street Community Builders highlighted a remarkable grassroots campaign launched by residents over 30 years ago, which turned the South Bank into today’s booming neighbourhood. 


We always aspire to celebrate our present through innovative music and art. Performers in June 2018 included Southbank Sinfonia, with their audience-centred concerts; Royal Academy of Music students, with an evening of new protest songs, and Berakah Arts, whose concert aimed to bridge religious and cultural divides.


Artists and friends of The London Group brought an incredible sculpture exhibition into the churchyard and gardens of St John's, and the latest moving-image art into the crypt. You can see the highlights in our Gallery of photographs by Eleanor Bentall.


We hope to influence the future by asking questions about issues which affect us all. Housing, community challenges and the transformative power of art came under the spotlight in talks and debates; while urban pollution was the subject of a display of ‘Living Lab’ technology. Our very first Word Weekend celebrated the winners of the Waterloo Festival Writing Competition and included street theatre, workshops, a book fair and more.


In a period of upheaval, it’s never been more important to reflect, debate and take inspiration from others. I hope this year's Waterloo Festival provided us all with space to engage and be transformed. See you next year!

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Euchar Gravina

Artistic Director

To our 2018 Partners:



The Waterloo Festival is an annual summer festival of arts and inspiration, held in and around St John's Waterloo. It celebrates arts, music, ideas and new talent in a beautiful setting in the beating artistic heart of London.


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